I am excited to be running for the District 2 Flat Rock Village Council seat this coming November 5. I hope I have your support and your vote!

I urge you to support and vote for Nick Weedman for mayor, Tom Carpenter for District 1, and David Dethero for District 3. (Click the highlighted names to see statements from Tom and David, and go here to listen to our interviews with WTZQ.)

Check out my FAQ page, and below you will find endorsements and information on me, my platform, and how you can support my campaignPlease let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

My interview with WTZQ


Nick Weedman

Current Vice Mayor and Incoming Mayor

The 2019 municipal election in the Village of Flat Rock is mercifully coming to a close. The contentious election is the first time all three positions in an election have been contested. It hasn’t been pretty.

It appears that by running unopposed, I will have a reasonable chance of being elected. It is my hope that we can in some way bring the new Council back to the harmonious manner in which it has operated in the past. This will be my first and most important short term challenge.

I am supporting the following candidates who I believe share similar views and positions and with whom I have a good chance of working on major goals:

Tom Carpenter is a leader in the Pinecrest Presbyterian Church which is potentially negatively affected by the North Highland Lake Road project. He has attended and talked in a large number of Village Council meetings and is very familiar with the operation of the Council.

Anne Coletta formerly served on the Village Council and is intimately familiar with its functions. She is dedicated and does her homework diligently and in depth. Anne is a Park supporter and led her extended family to donate over $60,000 for park development. The Maybank-Rhett Nature Center is named in honor of the family and in recognition of the donations received for its construction.

David Dethro has lived in Flat Rock for over 40 years and has been instrumental in the development and success of Historic Flat Rock. He is active in the St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church in Flat Rock. For a number of years he served as the liaison to the Village Council for Historic Flat Rock.

Together, we will work on a number of principles and projects:

  • Transparency. We will work to insure that meetings continue to be open and seek greater involvement from Flat Rock citizens. We will experiment with periodic evening Council meetings to permit working citizens to attend in a more convenient manner. Council members who represent the Village with outside groups and who make commitments on behalf of the Village will report back to the Council with written and verbal reports so that all know what has transpired.
  • Fiscal Conservativeness. The Village has limited resources and while we are in reasonably good financial shape at present, we have consistently had to reach into financial reserves to pay for on-going expenses. Jointly, we will prioritize expenditures and insure that we no longer have to dip into savings to operate year to year. We have asked the Park Foundation to assist in raising funds for the operation and maintenance of the Park which has expenses that seem to increase annually.
  • Retain the Historical Nature of the Village. As the largest historic district in North Carolina, the beauty and unique character of the Village must be maintained. Change is inevitable but change must be managed. We will work to recognize and maintain the historic beauty of the Village.

We seek the support of the voters in Flat Rock and appreciate the support we all have received. We intend to do our best to work in a positive and harmonious manner with the new Council as we go forward. 

Join me in voting for Tom Carpenter, Anne Coletta, and David Dethero. We intend to do our best to work in a positive and harmonious manner with the new Council as we go forward.

Connie Backlund

Flat Rock Resident and Member of the Village’s first Planning Board

I am grateful to endorse Anne Coletta for the Flat Rock Village Council. To me the key is that Anne understands that the public should be involved in public processes from the very beginning. I was saddened to hear several of the other Council members say at the August 30, 2017 Village Council meeting that the N. Highland Lake Road project was a done deal even before the DOT public comment time. Anne has been dedicated to ensuring Village residents have a voice and a role in originating community projects.

Cam Boyd

Lifelong Flat Rock Resident

I have known Anne and her family for years and I know she will represent the Village and all of its residents, both year-round and seasonal. We all have a stake in keeping Flat Rock green and beautiful, and she will always put Flat Rock first.

Missy Izard – Schenck

Executive Director, Green River Preserve Summer Camp

It is a great pleasure to endorse Anne Guérard Coletta, a candidate for the Flat Rock Village Council. Anne and I grew up together in the same neighborhood in Charleston where we learned from an early age the importance of historic preservation. Anne’s family—the Rhetts, Maybanks, and Guérards—have been a significant part of Charleston and Flat Rock for multiple generations. Like her ancestors, she grew up coming to “The Little Charleston of the Mountains,” where she fell in love with the rich history of Flat Rock and its unique character.

Similar to Anne and her husband, Paul, my husband, Sandy, and I choose to make Flat Rock our permanent residence. My husband’s family came to Flat Rock over fifty years ago to reside full time at Rutledge Cottage. My father-in-law, Alex Schenck, was instrumental in the development of Historic Flat Rock, Inc. and served as its first president. Both he and my mother-in-law felt it was gravely important to preserve the beauty and history of this historic village. The creation of Historic Flat Rock would provide a vehicle for doing this.

Anne is a candidate who does her homework. Each time that I have heard Anne speak in her various roles in our community, I have been very impressed with her attention to facts and information that she has carefully researched. She is passionate about Flat Rock and dedicated to representing not only full time, but part time residents. This is important to Flat Rock. Most of Flat Rock’s historic homes are owned by summer residents. These houses are the very soul of our village and give Flat Rock its history. Sadly, summer residents, all tax paying people, do not have the privilege of voting in this election. They rely on the trust and confidence of people they know like Anne who will represent them in this community.

My husband, Sandy, and I respect Anne and applaud her for caring about Flat Rock’s foundation and future. She is willing to listen to all of the village citizens and to invest her time and energy into preserving Flat Rock for future generations. Please join us in supporting Anne Guérard Coletta for the Flat Rock Village Council.

Georgia Bonesteel

Author and Quiltmaker

I am proud to endorse Anne Coletta for Flat Rock Village Council. Having had previous experience on the council will aid her in this position. Anne is well spoken and has a clear vision for Flat Rock, yet is open to all ideas and suggestions. She is a good listener. I have faith in Anne’s capabilities to maintain our historic community in a changing environment with an eye always on the future.

Ruth Reeves

Little Rainbow Row Business Owner

I wholeheartedly endorse Anne Coletta, David Dethero, and Tom Carpenter For Flat Rock Village Council.

I have lived in Flat Rock and have had a business/gallery for most of 30 years in downtown Hendersonville, and now along Little Rainbow Row in Flat Rock. While living on the Westside, I was fortunate enough to be asked serve on the Zoning Board of Adjustments and was a founding member of the quasi-legislative  Hendersonville Historic Preservation Commission. (Doing time on local and state broads is a experience all its own…one learns the ins and outs of a lot of political aspirations.)

My Flat Rock gallery location affords me the opportunity to observe  and be a part of what goes on in our small vibrant business community and village political scene.

Flat Rock is changing…
Change is necessary and usually good…. but change for the benefit of a few is not good! And that’s where our North Highland Lake “road widening” project benefits have been greatly distorted by our present Council.

Proponents on the Council would tell us that the “best decision” has been made by the NCDOT, the present Village Council, and the MPO (we have all heard of the first two but the MPO…WHO? Look that one up, please).

In actuality, our present Village Council members, save one, gave “our” permission to go ahead with a road widening, a sidewalk and bike path to nowhere. (Take a walk, if you dare, down the other “sidewalk to nowhere” on West Blue Ridge Road, which runs parallel to The Wrinkled Egg.)

So here’s their plan: let’s add a sidewalk and bike path down North Highland Lake Road to Greenville Hwy. I ask you, then to where? Well, according to the present Council, how about the Carl Sandburg House? What? A sidewalk on which frankly no person who values their life would walk …and bikers don’t like to use “bike paths,” so THEY tell me.

We can do change… BUT we don’t have to … if change isn’t necessary! There is very little widening of the actual road in the proposal so we are “taking” land for the sidewalk and bike path?

And this road would then be linked to what would be advantageous for The Park at Flat Rock (new entrance in this deal with DOT), bikers who would rather not use it…and nonexistent walkers from the park to the Carl Sandburg House…and maybe a decades-away-if-it-ever-happens greenway project. The backing of this plan by the present Council becomes irresponsible to its citizens and tax payers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the park… and “greenway” sounds all nice and fuzzy and European, but the tail is wagging the dog here.

What Flat Rock does need now…right now:

  • Police presence
  • Speed control on Hwy 225, Little River Road, most roads in our Village
  • Animal control
  • Transparency in planning for the future
  • Balance in our objectives for Flat Rock

Those things that will benefit everyone who actually lives here. All things the present Council has not addressed during their terms (and which the incumbents are now saying they want to address!).

An incumbent council member has been quoted as saying it is “difficult to understand” the opposition to the road project. What is difficult to understand is how the present Council conferred with DOT officials and agreed to the project without any Flat Rock community input. Now that is difficult to understand.

I endorse Anne Coletta, David Dethero, and Tom Carpenter For Flat Rock Village Council.